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Equity Portfolios

Unlike mutual fund units, buy expert-advised stocks in your demat account. Take advantage of our dynamic research and superior returns from top-performing stocks. Start investing in Rupee Rakshak to build long-term wealth.


Fixed Income Bonds

Switch your Bank FDs today. Call us for higher fixed returns in your own demat account!!


Hedge Advisory

Possess substantial equity or debt holdings? This is a chance that cannot be passed up! Every week, you might add to your holdings.

  • task_alt Use only 20% of your cash and leverage your demat holdings up to 80%.
  • task_altOptions hedging technique for the NIFTY and BANK NIFTY.
  • task_altProfit in a sideways, rising, or down market.
  • task_altSee daily PNL and all trades in your own demat.
  • task_altEvery quarter, withdraw booked profits.

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Achieve Financial moksha, Enjoy cash flows for life.

If you have a 2 Cr portfolio we plan to restructure & generate 2L cash flow per month. Quit jobs, spend this cash, and enjoy life!

If you already have a sizable corpus, we re-structure them in an equity/debt/hedged portfolio to create cash flow from growth. If you do not have we analyze and help you build a corpus to quit your job in the next few years.

We have assisted hundreds of families in the last 9 years and many have quit jobs and been getting cash flows for the last 5-6 years. We will share their connections for you to talk to them and verify.

We are a SEBI Registered Advisory company, we do not take investment funds. Our expert advice will work in your own individual investment account. with everything visible to you. We work with a fintech platform that connects us to your stock brokers, and banks to provide you one view of all your holdings.

Visualize this - FINMO is like a doctor caring for his patients. We advise in your best interests as you pay for us directly. We do not earn any commission from brokers or fund houses, such as sub brokers, agents, or MF Advisors. Our in-house research expertise in multiple assets such as Equity, Debt, Futures, and Options, Structured Products, AIFs, Property advice, and taxation, in Indian & International markets allows us to be your one-stop shop for all of your requirements.

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